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Why We're Here NCNG acts as a platform for artist collaboration via a digital storefront. Our merchandise includes a variety of goods made by artists. As a collective our focus is on building space for commerce and community which will promote and uplift marginalized artists through engagement in long term and short term collaborative projects. Including but not limited too: artist edition screen printing, interviews, round table discussions (published on our platform), zines+digital download works, pop up shops and public art installations. As we gain collaborators and make a small piece of our own history, No Chunks No Goop will maintain a public archive right here on our website that includes documentation of past projects, as well as all items sold. We are actively working to establish our blog, a chunk on our website where all the goopiest activity will live.

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About The Team

Chloe King (b.1999, lives and works in Seattle) is a multidisciplinary artist who works in between painting and photography. King’s work is born from her experience as a mixed-race queer womxn from a small, predominantly white town and explores notions of identity, power, and perception through vibrant and chaotic textiles, plants, and paper covered self portraiture. King received her BFA degree in Spring 2021 from Cornish College of the Arts. 

King's focus within NCNG is artist outreach and community building, as well as being head of design and photography.

Isabel, Bel, Barrueta (b.1998) is a stage manager and crochet artist residing in Seattle, WA. 
Growing up, Bel's grandma taught them how to crochet. From reading patterns to yarn weights and hooks, Bel knew the ins and outs of crochet. Years later, Bel's gotten back into crochet and is a self proclaimed Novice. Bel crochets with the intention of keeping Grandma's legacy strong, their crochet practice serves as a love story to their Grandma Beth. Bel earned their degree from Cornish College of the Arts in 2021. 
As a stage manager, Bel is an organized and understanding spirit. Bel is a facilitator, someone who makes things easier for others. Bel's goal as an SM is to create an environment where all artists/people can feel safe, valued, and supported. Bel loves collaboration, connecting with people and uplifting artists in their community.

Hann Tower (b.1998) is a trans, cross-media artist and self proclaimed maker of messy messes. Born and currently residing in Seattle, WA, Hann earned their BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in 2021. They work with processes including: physical + digital collage, image-transferring, hand sewing, and painting; Intuitively layering imagery, collected materials, and objects. Creating portals to growth within himself, using an occasionally off putting amount of textural elements. Making messes is his way of re-imagining the restraints of everyday realities and physical/structural limitations. They are focused on researching the soothingly repetitive acts within art making as a whole, their mess making practice forever functions as an ever-evolving, highly personalized therapy.

Hann plays the roll of shop foreman for our printing and product production, social media organizer, and website manager. 

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